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«Trading and Industrial Company «Bazis»  LLC, Smolensk, Russia

Customised solutions based on renewable energy

100pellets currently owns biomass power plant in Russia. For our partners and customers we develop innovative, economical energy solutions by analysing the general conditions at our customers’ production sites in detail and using them as a basis to jointly develop a coherent site concept. Consequently, private, commercial and industrial customers as well as municipalities benefit from a self-sufficient supply of electricity and heat from 100pellets.

We benefit from a sound, motivated team that operates these facilities with experience in the field of engineering and a strong raw materials concept. We base our investments on proven technological solutions and reliable partners.

In this way we aim to make our contribution towards a clean, efficient and sustainable future for energy generation, independent of conventional resources.

Since the company launch in 2016, plenty has been achieved both in the energy landscape and at our company. Two things have always remained the same over the years: our focus on sustainable, decentralised energy solutions and our motivated, competent team that tirelessly endeavours to drive the energy transition forward.



Fuel pellets of the highest quality

Fuel pellets 6mm

80 euro/tonne

Fuel pellets 6mm

90 euro/tonne

Fuel pellets 6mm

10 euro/bag

«We look forward to collaborating with you!»

In April 2017 the construction of our pellets plant in Yelnya (Russia) has been completed.

Our team opts for honesty, trust and respect when dealing and collaborating with our customers and partners. Together we develop goals and forward-looking solutions, taking into consideration our customers’ specific requirements.